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Thermal Management Solution for EV


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  • ※ 젠브릭스(KCSONE) Best cooperation with Guangdong Winshare Thermal We are supplying about 800MW Heat Sink every year due to the contract between Winshare Thermal and Korea distri..
  • ※KCSONE [Aluminium Material AL1060 Material Information_2021 ] [최적의 Skived fin Heat Sink(방열판)에 사용하는 Aluminium Material AL1060 ]       &..
  • ※KCSONE <생산가능사양> B 최대길이 150mm A+B 450mm 이내 빨강박스 홈 2~3mm <해당 사진 제품 스펙> FIN 1.0 Spacing 3.0mm FIN 높이 60, Base 12mm <제품 장점> FI..
  • ※KCSONEIn the application of NPC(T) type 3-Level, we need use Dual C-Core driver cores. Basides, C-Core driver cores also suitable for Multi parallel of NPC(T) Type three level mod..

"Think different to find the Best way"

"Think different to find the Best way"