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Thermal Management Solution for EV


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  • The heat sink of high-power photovoltaic inverter usually adopts the Skived fin process and high-power heat pipe. In this process, the most difficult thing to control is the flatn..
  • Liquid cold plate is through the structure of compact and relatively thin plate-like, strip metal internal layout of the fluid channel, so that the fluid and cold plate between the..
  • committed to product development and innovation, providing competitive integrated solutions and services for new energy photovoltaic, wind power, automotive, rail transit, industri..
  • ※KCSONE [Aluminium Material AL1060 Material Information_2021 ] [최적의 Skived fin Heat Sink(방열판)에 사용하는 Aluminium Material AL1060 ]       &..

"Think different to find the Best way"

"Think different to find the Best way"